I believe in the importance of sound drawing abilities in order to express more creative capabilities. I really love doing my art, it has always been my real passion.

Location: Eastern Shore of Maryland, United States

Monday, June 03, 2013

Update of new work...

Most of you know that I am involved in the arts in many aspects through out my life. I am still painting, teaching (part time) and recently...well, not really recently, maybe for three years now I have been involved in making "Wearable Art"...jewelry.
I do shows in Maryland and Delaware and am fully licensed by both states. I also have online presence in several areas. One which will link you to several sites is:
 www. about.me/BeadPod327.com. The about.me site will link you to Flickr and my website www.beadpod327.com. I have recently posted on another site www.beadpod327.shophandmade.com.
Both websites will allow you to purchase through PayPal...to me this is a safe way to go when purchasing online for both the seller and the purchaser. You can contact me directly on my websites for more information or special requests for custom designed jewelry.
I have a QR code for those who have QR Reader Application on their devices. When you click on my QR code you will find out a lot of things about me, my background and my work experiences and probably more than what you may care to know.
Now to give a brief text about the jewelry I design...I make one-of-a-kind unique, beaded jewelry.
I use precious metals, Sterling Silver, Gold, Gold Filled, Brass, Vermeil and Pewter. I use Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls, Gemstones, Minerals, Lampwork Glass beads, Toho Glass beads, Bone, Wood, Shells and Leather.
My specialties are Wire Wrap and Kumihimo Braid, an ancient art of Japanese braidmaking.
I weave my own Kumihimo Braids using various weights of silk. I may also use fine, hand-rolled leather or various cotton fibers mixed in with the silk for visual interest. I embellish these braids with some of the items listed above to create beautiful necklaces...Wearable Art! All my jewelry comes with a Lifetime Guarantee which can be viewed on www.beadpod327.com.
I am looking forward to your feedback...hope to hear from you soon.


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