I believe in the importance of sound drawing abilities in order to express more creative capabilities. I really love doing my art, it has always been my real passion.

Location: Eastern Shore of Maryland, United States

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The gold filigree background accents the design format of the stylized Lotus Blossoms. The Beetle in the lower right of the painting represents a new day, a new beginning in the Egyptian Culture and also for me.

This a new direction for the art that I have done for so many years as a Graphic Designer. As stated in the header, "art is my real passion."

I envisioned doing acylic and gold painting for many years and finally decided that I was going to execute what was in my mind, my expression.

The information in my biography that follows gives a brief summary of some of the highlights in my career as a Graphic Designer.

The graphic design experience I gained throughout my career in both the pharmaceutical and industrial markets began with my education from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA.

Spanning the years as a graphic designer, medical illustrator, production director, marketing director and owner/manager of my design studio; receiving numerous awards attest to my capabilities. Projects included corporate identity programs, brochures, annual reports, direct mail campaigns, trade shows and traveling displays.

Some of my awards for Illustration and Design are from the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia, commendations from the President's Cabinet Member, Virginia Knauer and Singer Corporation for a power plant brochure that has been permanently placed in the Washington, DC Library Archives. Additionally one of the traveling displays to recruit nurses was televised on CBS.

Above: (Painting) LOTUS (approx. 24x36)
Left: Susquehanna Power Plant Brochure
Below: Interior view of Norfolk General Hospital Recruiting Bus

There has always been art in my life, my father was a concert violinist. My Dad told me that the conductor of the Chicago Symphony was a distant cousin. I started drawing pictures on the closet walls of the home where I was raised until my father brought home a large roll of white paper from the Dixie Cup Company. Now I could draw and color as much as I wanted without destroying their home.

There is art being done by my family today. It is so wonderful to have children become interested in the world of creativity and follow their own expressions.

Some other links are: www.msac.org (Maryland State Arts Council)
www.nmwa.org (National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC)
www.artinstituteandgallery.org (Art Institute and Gallery, Salisbury, MD)

The link to The Art institute and Gallery offers Workshops openerd to everyone. I am one of the Instructors and my Students range from 16 years of age to adults. I offer two Drawing Classes (one of which is advanced), Scratchboard, Block Printing and Gyotaku which is an earlier form of Japanese Fish Rubbing or Printing. For more information on these classes go online or call 410-546-4748.

If someone wants individualized training I will instruct a more concentrated course in my studio. For information e-mail me at dragonwingstudio@yahoo.com.

I was recently accepted to the the Visual Artist Registry of the Maryland State Arts Council. This is a great site to find many artists of different disciplines who have been approved by the Council. You will find my daughter there also. She does various forms of printing for the handmade books she designs. She is also skilled in Origami, paper folding. This coming Fall, she will be instructing at Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA. Her site is papercup.press.blogspot.com.

Other memberships include the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, the Salisbury/Wicomico Arts Council, Salisbury, MD and The Rehobeth Art League, Rehobeth, DE.

Presently, some of my works are at ARTIQUES in Snow Hill, MD 410-632-3885. Chesapeake Chiropractic, Salisbury, MD has some of my paintings in the reception area for sale 410-334-2233.

I have shown at the Art Institute and Gallery and at The Beachcombers Easel formerly of Ocean City, MD.

The following is a representation of some of my paintings:

Fernprint (approx. 42x36)

Blue Moon (approx. 5x7)

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Blogger papercup.press said...

i really enjoy seeing your work and reading your bio! please keep us updated with any upcoming projects you're working on!

7:18 AM  
Blogger friendlyneighbor said...

This is an outstanding site. I enjoyed viewing your work and reading your bio. You have done an exceptional job on the layout. Can't wait to see how you develop your ideas in this new environment! kudos!

6:48 PM  
Blogger dragonwingstudio said...

I am offering Interdisciplinary Workshops in Basic and Advanced Drawing using any media. The Workshop are designed to aid each participant to become more skilled in drawing to achieve greater creative expression. Age of students: 16 to adult. For more information email: dragonwingstudio@yahoo.com

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